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The season when flowers bloom,

The season when joy washes over the gloom,

Also known as the season of rebirth,

And the season very well known for regrowth,

The name of this season is spring,

When the nature is happy,

And states the start of summer,

With the weather becoming warmer,

The sweet scent of flowers,

In the soft breeze,

And the butterflies fluttering,

Makes us feel that the nature around us,

Is quite at ease,

I like this time of the year quite a lot,

As the climate is lovely,

And a variety of wildlife,

We can spot!


4 thoughts on “SPRING

    1. Thank u very much for ur input….. But i too don’t see any sense (neither should u) in critising things without a solid reason, i therefore want you explain on what basis my poem was so bad that you had to use the word “phaltu”.


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