What is this studying?
Which we all hate,
Why learn for exams,
When marks are decided by fate?

Parents always behind our backs,
A nuisance it is such,
To simply cram facts in our mind,
Is a burden too much,

But all of this “studying”,
Has a wonderful reward,
Together the learning and exams,
Will brighten your score card,

Not only for score cards,
Education you must receive,
For the more learned you are,
The less the world will deceive,

The best thing you will ever achieve,
Along with a lot of other gain,
Is self-confidence and independency,
Which in this world will help you sustain,

Thus, an educated human being,
Will acquire much more than destined too,
If only you will strive hard and study from now,
The benefits above I have shown to you!



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