There once was a paper plane,
Which was white and square,
Once it flew into the air,
It took a long time to come down again.

It really loved to fly,
Up into the sky high,
It was the best place for the plane to be,
For there was always lots and lots to see.

It glided awfully well,
And made all its spectators marvel,
The spectators may be old or children,
The paper plane never minded as everyone was its friend!


I am a virus called corona,
And I was created by china,
In order to doom the world,
I was kept preserved.

They slowly released me,
And put the blame on a bat,
Never saying the truth,
They are the definition of a lying rat.

I had to harm many people,
Now everything is down,
The only thing people do nowadays,
Is talk about me and frown.

I wish someone would find a way,
To end this torture fast,
Or else I’m quite afraid of it,
The human dynasty will end at last!



I am the special part of a plant,

Which resist smelling you can’t ,

You put me in vases at home,

And my fragrance will everywhere roam,

Sometimes plain,

Sometimes colourful,

Whatever the state,

Will make you cheerful,

The best I look,

At the time of bloom,

Just a look at me,

Will wash away gloom,

But I hate it when you pluck me,

It gives me so much pain,

Next time I will exchange honey for a sting from the bee,

To awaken your brain!!!



If I were a butterfly,

I would eat butter,

And flutter by.

Honestly I would change my name,

As it is the reason of my unwanted fame,

It is a nuisance to be caught,

Due to it I am distraught.

I always feel that the humans around,

Are overrating me,

For I’m just a small insect you see,

I should really be left alone,

I’m warning you,

Or I’ll break your bone!



I belong to a little boy,

Who seems to think I’m a toy,

He doesn’t bother to use me for study,

And always shoots me at his buddy.

He also puts me through a lot of pain,

Sharpening me again and again,

I wish to do something horrible to him,

But, he has never yet become my victim.

But one day I’ll make sure to get my revenge,

You might think of me as strange,

I really wish I belonged to someone else,

Then, I could have lived happily and wouldn’t have had to plan such rebels!!!



A smile is a curved line,

Which makes things straight,

A smile is an expression,

Which dissolves the feeling of hate,

A smile is a mile,

That stretches from ear to ear,

A smile is a symbol of assurance,

In the midst of fear,

A smile is the shortest distance between two people,

Without smiling we look quite feeble,

So always be sure to smile, my friends,

As it looks quite beautiful before all the latest trends!



I am the place that is filled plants,

I am the place that is filled with animals,

And I’m the place that comes to aid,

When everything else fades.

I am a home to various creatures,

Many big or small,

Live with me happily,

For I give my love to them all.

But I may not last long,

For humans don’t listen to my pleading songs,

They move forward to develop themselves,

Forgetting all about me in the process.

A forest will soon be a thing of the past,

So somebody please save me fast,

Or there will be a major threat,

For very soon I may not last.



The season when flowers bloom,

The season when joy washes over the gloom,

Also known as the season of rebirth,

And the season very well known for regrowth,

The name of this season is spring,

When the nature is happy,

And states the start of summer,

With the weather becoming warmer,

The sweet scent of flowers,

In the soft breeze,

And the butterflies fluttering,

Makes us feel that the nature around us,

Is quite at ease,

I like this time of the year quite a lot,

As the climate is lovely,

And a variety of wildlife,

We can spot!



One night I felt eyes on me,

I opened my eyes as frightened,

 As anybody could be,

 Looking around,

I saw a shadow,

Hidden in the dark,

In a corner near the window,

With curiosity I watched it shift,

It suddenly turned to look at me,

And I made a dive into my blanket, really swift,

Towards me it started floating slowly,

The scene for me was quite not jolly,

Suddenly it grabbed my arm,

And I started shrieking,

Before it could do any harm,

Abruptly I was thrown off my bed,

Awakening with a throbbing head!


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