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This is a wall hanging that can be easily made at home. The materials required are- a pencil, a eraser, a stapler/glue, few old newspapers, Pidilite pearl black acrylic paint (you can use any color depending on the background where you want to place it. Also I suggest to use Pidilite Paints to encourage Made In India products), 1 compass, 3 circles of craft paper of different sizes and permanent black marker/ black paint with size 0 or 2 round brush.

This style of drawing is known as Warli Painting which originated in the tribal people from the North Sahyadri Range in Maharashtra, India and is still practiced. These paintings usually depict scenes of human figures engaged in activities like hunting, dancing, sowing and harvesting. In this wall hanging, the three gods – Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh and Lord Krishna have been depicted in this style of tribal art.

  1. Take the 3 circle craft paper cutouts of any color as per your background and make a border line of about 1- 1.5cm width using your compass. Draw any border design that you like but, the design shouldn’t attract a lot of attention.
  2. Then draw the 3 deities as per the order shown in the above image with pencil and then outline them with permanent black marker/ black paint with size 0 or 2 round brush.
  3. Take the old newspapers and make 2 sticks of the same size out of them by rolling the paper and paint them with Pidilite pearl black acrylic paint or any color of your choice as per you background color. Once the paint has dried, join the sticks together at one end only using stapler or glue.
  4. Lastly, paste the 3 circles on the sticks in the order in the above image. The sticks should have this shape like a triangle with only 2 sides like a circumflex ( ^ ).

In case of any doubts, feel free to go to the Contact Page where I have mentioned the contact details and ask me your queries.



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