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Hi everyone! It has been a long time since I posted anything and now I am back with this stylish purse that I crocheted using a 4mm hook, Alize Burcum Batik Acrylic Yarn in shade 5742, tapestry needle, stitch markers, a pair of purse handles with hooks and inner black lining along with a purseContinue reading “STYLISH PURSE CROCHET”

CROCHET BAGS: 2. Sunburst

This is another bag from the collection of crochet bags that I have crocheted with help from YouTube channel ‘bella coco’ which is a very useful channel to learn all the basic required to crochet big projects. I crocheted this bag with the same steps as the bag earlier. This is a very good projectContinue reading “CROCHET BAGS: 2. Sunburst”

CROCHET BAG: 1. Blue Swirl

This is the first of the bags collection that I have crocheted with some help from YouTube channel ‘Sirin’s Crochet’ which is very helpful for beginners to make complicated projects. I have made this bag by firstly crocheting 10 swirl pattern Granny Squares and then joining them in the way as shown in the pic.Continue reading “CROCHET BAG: 1. Blue Swirl”


This is an acrylic painting I made by referring to Easy Painting Vered on YouTube though I have modified the background as per my choice. Easy Painting Vered is a really great YouTube channel for painting tutorials for beginners. This is a really nice painting that allows you to, kind of, play with the colorsContinue reading “PRETTY LADY ACRYLIC PAINTING”


This is a doll I have crocheted for my little cousin sister. I got the pattern from a video on YouTube, but I modified it a little bit as per my requirement. It isn’t so much of a quick project but it is definitely easy if you know the basics. Overall, it is a funContinue reading “CROCHET – DOLL”


These are a set of 6 tea coasters that I have crocheted as a gift. The only skills you need to know to make these are how-to-crochet-the-granny-square and how-to-crochet-treble stich (UK terms)/ double crochet (US terms). I learnt most the basic crochet techniques from a YouTube channel- Bella Coco. These tea-coasters make a quick, useful,Continue reading “CROCHET TEA-COASTERS”


This is a sweater-vest I have crocheted out of BlueStar Oswal Acrylic Cashmilon Yarn (I used brown colour since I was making it for my Grandma). I am a total beginner and this is the first time I attempted to go for such a big project. I mostly made the whole sweater-vest with the helpContinue reading “CROCHET SWEATER- VEST”


Dark clouds forming in the sky,Warn of a storm ahead,In their cozy nests are the birds that fly,For the harsh winds of the storm they dread, The thunder, like a lion roars,Raging winds bang on the doors,And cracks and shatters the windows,And all the leaves of the trees it winnows, Fury is unleashed,Expressing rage, sadness,Continue reading “A STORM IN THE EYE”


This is a beautiful wall hanging made with simple materials ; craft paper, glue/ glue gun, newspaper and acrylic paint (preferably Pidilite). I took some sheets of old newspaper and I used the technique of papier-mâché to make the bird. Papier-mâché is shredding paper and using water to make it into a pulp and thenContinue reading “TROPICAL COLOURS AND A BIRD ; DIY WALL HANGING”


This is a cute little doll I have crocheted recently with help from YouTube. I made it as a gift for my best friend Aagna since it was her birthday yesterday. First I made the doll using yellow colored wool, Then I crocheted the clothes, but I didn’t want to make a typical frock forContinue reading “CROCHET DOLL – KEYCHAIN”


Firstly, wishing everyone a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi! As you might know, each year the arrival of Lord Ganesh (Ganapati Bappa) along with Goddess Parvati (Lord Ganesha’s mother) from the Kailash mountains is celebrated across India with pomp and splendour. As every year, this year too we have celebrated this joyous festival. My family and ourContinue reading “SHUBH GANESH CHATURTHI !!!”


Silent as the time passing by,Motionless they stand,Built long, long ago,Are now a prominent mark on the land. No one knows the secrets they may hold,Keys to the mysterious stories untold,Listening and observing, they are just there,With emotionless eyes day and night they stare, They have always been linking together,The present generation to the past,TakeContinue reading “STATUES”


This is a beautiful DIY Wall Hanging made from materials-easily-available -at-home such as: old newspaper, a piece of cardboard/foamboard, acrylic paints, glue (Fevicol), craft paper (blue, red, pink, white, green, blue, yellow), a pair of scissors and a glue gun. Make sticks out of the old newspaper and paint them black. Cut the edges toContinue reading “DIY HOME DECOR WALL HANGING – FLOWERS & NEWSPAPER”


These are a pair of mittens knitted on straight needles and seamed on one side. The only material needed for these mittens is yarn (Blue Star Acrylic Cashmilon Yarn recommended), straight knitting needles/ smoothened BBQ sticks, tapestry/darning needle, place markers, stitch holder and scissors. The steps for the following are mentioned in the description belowContinue reading “KNITTING MITTENS”


This is a cute rabbit that I have hand- knitted using Oswal Blue Star Acrylic Cashmilon Yarn, knitting needles/ I used BBQ sticks converted into knitting needles ( by adding smoothening them and adding a bid bead at the back end so that your stitches don’t come slip out), tapestry needle and a pair ofContinue reading “KNITTING AND RABBITS”

Caravec – Cottageon A375

This is kind of a model of a car that I have designed taking inspiration from caravans and other various types of cars found nowadays. Materials used in making this are popsicle sticks, cardboard, a broken toy car/truck (or if you don’t have any way to get a broken toy car/truck you can make wheelsContinue reading “Caravec – Cottageon A375”


This is a DIY Home Décor Wall Hanging made with simple materials easily available at home- empty cardboard of masking/duct tapes (3), Fevicryl paints/ Glass paints, a wire/ string, Fevicol and cardboard. Take the empty tape rolls and paint them silver using Fevicryl Paints and leave it to dry. Meanwhile cut out 3 circles fromContinue reading “BEST OUT OF WASTE : WALL HANGING – COLOURS, FLOWERS AND STRINGS”