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Cheerful and happening,The streets are in the evening,Street vendors and hawkers,Strike bargains with shoppers, People are seen scurrying around,Tweets and trills make quite a sound,Setting sun streaks the sky,As the night is approaching nigh, From jewelry to fruits,From utensils to suits,The street-traders provide,With a range of customers wide, As the night starts closing in,Everyone leavingContinue reading “STREET EVENINGS”


This is another art piece made from recycled paper, wool, twigs, glue gun/super glue and acrylic paints. In my last week’s post I have explained how to make this paper mash ( link for your reference given)- MADHUBANI LOTUS ON RECYCLED-PAPER. This piece too has been made from the same process except for a little variation.Continue reading “RECYCLED-PAPER SNOWMAN”


This is another painting from THEARTSHERPA on Youtube. It is a awesome painting of a golden-retriever with a mouthful of colorful flowers. There isn’t much to say except that the best part of this painting is the expression in the eyes of the golden-retriever along with it’s fur and the colorful flowers going well withContinue reading “GOLDEN-RETRIEVER AND FLOWERS”


This is a paining made with acrylic paints on a recycled cardboard material to show a little bit of contribution from my side towards the environment. The steps to make this sort of cardboard are given below: 1) Take any old notebook- it should be completely filled. Tear it into medium sized pieces by tearingContinue reading “MADHUBANI LOTUS ON RECYCLED-PAPER”


This is the beautiful designs of mandala drawn into a butterfly’s wing. The idea was taken from Facebook and I found it quite interesting, so I modified it in my way and here is the drawing! The best part of this design is the way the mandala designs correspond with the butterfly to make itContinue reading “BUTTERFLY & MANDALA”


This is a colourful painting which I have painted by watching TheArtSherpa on Youtube. It is a wonderful channel to learn painting from! This is a creative style of painting. To view another painting learnt from TheArtSherpa, click the link : The best part of this painting is of course, the wonderful rainbow colouring!!!Continue reading “THE RAINBOW TREE”


This is another beautiful composition of the Madhubani style. The lady , the house , the goat, and tree combination and their positions were taken from soma@folkart from google. The designs, the filling and the black and white distribution was done by me. The best part of this composition is the intricate design going wellContinue reading “BLACK-WHITE MADHUBANI SCENE”


This is another drawing form the madubani style…the main symbols used in the drawing are the lotus and sugarcane in the background. Lotus motif symbolizes feminity while the Sugacane motif symbolizes a sense of mascular being. These two symbols are used widely as wall patterns especially on the walls of the house where newlyweds live.Continue reading “MADHUBANI – A COVERT MEETING…”


A friend is a person,Who will always be on your side,No matter what,Wherever you hide, A friend is someone,Who will always come to your aid,Whatever the trouble is,In the time of need,A friend will never fade, A friend is a being,Who will always lift your spirits,No matter how sad you feel,No matter how down inContinue reading “TO MY BEST FRIEND- A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !”


It is the season of the snow,And it is the season when,Birds and squirrels,Take shelter in a bough,And the snow covers the land,With a soft white glow, The children are playing happily,Building snowmen and snowballs,While the grannies are sitting indoors,And knitting warm shawls, The mothers are baking lovely cakes,Frosting them with delicate snowflakes,And the fathersContinue reading “WINTER”


This is another form of art which is also very detailed and artistic. I have learned this form of art called Mandala from an awesome workshop…. the base of these drawings are completely geometrical. The best thing about this form of art is that it increases concentration and calms our mind!!!