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This is a paining made with acrylic paints on a recycled cardboard material to show a little bit of contribution from my side towards the environment. The steps to make this sort of cardboard are given below:

1) Take any old notebook- it should be completely filled. Tear it into medium sized pieces by tearing 1 page into 2 portions.

2) Take any container according you convenience and pour warm water in it. Soak the paper completely and if you have a lot of free time then you can leave it overnight.

3) If not, then you can use your hands or any other equipment like a masher to make a fine, thick paste of the paper.

4) Then spread it over a cloth and leave it outside to dry in the sunshine for approximately a little over 1 week. If you want it to dry earlier, then first use the cloth to soak out any excess water that is possible.

5) You can also make it into any shape you want and if you want it to have a design or so you can make imprints or decorate it while it is still a thick paste.

Then any design can be painted on it and there you are! Now you have a new decoration item (depend on your choice and creativity) or a cardboard for acrylic or modern art paintings all with recycled notebook!!!



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