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This is another art piece made from recycled paper, wool, twigs, glue gun/super glue and acrylic paints. In my last week’s post I have explained how to make this paper mash ( link for your reference given)- MADHUBANI LOTUS ON RECYCLED-PAPER. This piece too has been made from the same process except for a little variation. 1) After making thick paste of the paper, roll it into three balls of different sizes- big, medium and small depending on the overall height you want for your snowman and leave it in the sunlight to dry and become hard. 2) It might take about 2-3 days or a week to dry, so meanwhile take some yarn and start knitting a scarf and a hat using colors of your own choice and the length of the scarf and cap depends again upon your snowman’s size. For assistance with knitting I highly recommend you to visit Studio Knit on Youtube. In case you are not comfortable with knitting you can also take any bits of colorful cloth that you have to make this scarf and cap. 3) Once the 3 paper balls have dried and become solid stick them firmly on top of each other using hot-glue-gun/super-glue in order of big at the bottom – medium- small. Once the balls are completely stuck paint them with thick white acrylic paint (I insist you to use Pidilite Paints if possible). 4) Then prepare the hands and nose – use twigs from fallen branches of plants (do not break twigs from a nice and healthy plants, use only twig from fallen branches.) and paint them dark brown acrylic (again, I insist you use Pidilite Paints if possible). For the nose use the end of a toothpick and paint it acrylic orange (Pidilite Paint). 5) Then pore holes in both of the sides of the middle paper ball and use hot-glue-gun/super-glue to stick the hands firmly into the holes. To fix the nose, take the painted-toothpick end and stick it by poring a hole in the middle of the smallest-top paper ball. 6) Then take the cap and scarf and stick it on the head and between the middle and top ball (neck) respectively. Lastly paint two eyes and a smile on the snowman’s face using black acrylic paints (Pidilite Paints). For decoration purpose, stick small beads or buttons down the body of the snowman.

That’s is the process to make this creative snowman which can be used for home decor made at home without doing any harm to the environment since it is made from recycled paper!!!



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