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Hi everyone! It has been a long time since I posted anything and now I am back with this stylish purse that I crocheted using a 4mm hook, Alize Burcum Batik Acrylic Yarn in shade 5742, tapestry needle, stitch markers, a pair of purse handles with hooks and inner black lining along with a purse zipper. I referred to the pattern given by B. Hooked Crochet, the link for which I have attached below. One important tip to keep in mind : You might not find the correct handle or strap for your purse (I managed to find one after searching for it the entire afternoon), try ordering it online or get creative by crocheting the handles and simply attaching a hook to each end to secure it to the bag. While lining the purse you can also make a base for the purse which will make it look more trendy. Have fun crocheting!!!

– tanvi


Hi everyone! This is a new crochet project that I have made and this time I have made it with writing my own pattern for the first time since I have started crocheting. I wanted to make a stylish boat-necked top that goes well on a pair of jeans so I searched online for few examples on Google but for once I didn’t find a pattern that I quite liked or wanted to make. So I combined my ideas into a pattern I wrote for this project;

I used Oswal Enjoy Knitting Yarn Multi Wool 200 gm Shade no-14, darning/tapestry needle , stitch markers, tape measure, a pair of scissors and a 4.5 mm crochet hook to make this project. The pattern is as follows:

Step 1. (eg)
Step 2. continue the 3 row pattern repeat till the length of your blouse is as per the blue line marked in the image.
Step 3. Placement of stitch markers.
Step 4. Measurement from arm pit to shoulder.
  1. Chain stitches according to your bust size in multiples of two and pull through the loop to use a slip stitch to connect the very first chain.
  2. Then follow this pattern repeat till the length of the top is according to your choice and matches your waist to under arms measurement:
    • Row 1 – Chain 3 ,Double crochet (US terms)/ Treble crochet (UK terms) into every stitch, slip stitch into the top of the 3rd chain to join.
    • Row 2- Repeat Row 1
    • Row 3- Chain 4, skip 1 stitch, Double crochet (US terms)/ Treble crochet (UK terms) into the next stitch (continue this till the end of the row), slip stitch into the top of the 3rd chain to join.
  3. Use stitch markers to divide your stitches for the front and back side of your top. For example, if you have 132 stitches in total, then count 66 stitches and put a stitch marker in the 66th stitch.
  4. Chain 3 in the stitch after the stitch marker. Start the row according to the 3- row repeat and make it up to the stitch before your next stitch marker. (For example make the repeat pattern from the 1st stitch up to the 65th stitch that is before the stitch marker.) Now, chain according to the repeat pattern, turn the side and continue the 3-row repeat. What we are basically doing here is separating the back and front side. Make as many rows as per your arm pit to shoulder measurement.
  5. Repeat step 4 for the back side as well.
  6. Now turn your work inside out, take your tapestry/darning needle and start seam the top of your work on both sides but remember to leave enough space in the middle for your head to fit in. You can also use slip stitches to join the top edges of your work.
  7. Turn your work the correct side and join using slip stitch into any place on the arm hole. Chain 4, make double-trebles all the way till the end of the row and join using slip stitch on the top of the 4th chain. Chain 1 and make double crochet (US terms)/ treble crochet (UK terms) into every stitch and join into the chain 1 with a slip stitch and snip off your yarn. Repeat this for the other arm hole as well.

The blouse is ready!

-Tanvi Jog


Hi everyone! This is one more crochet project I have made this summer. I made this with the help of Sirins Crochet on YouTube and altered a bit of the neck shape as per my liking. This is an amazing project for both beginners as well as experienced crochetiers and makes for a good clothing article for yourself or even as a gift to family and friends!!!

-Tanvi Jog

CROCHET BAGS: 2. Sunburst

This is another bag from the collection of crochet bags that I have crocheted with help from YouTube channel ‘bella coco’ which is a very useful channel to learn all the basic required to crochet big projects. I crocheted this bag with the same steps as the bag earlier. This is a very good project for beginners as well as the experienced and is also a very good item to gift to friends and family!

– Tanvi Jog

CROCHET BAG: 1. Blue Swirl

This is the first of the bags collection that I have crocheted with some help from YouTube channel ‘Sirin’s Crochet’ which is very helpful for beginners to make complicated projects.

I have made this bag by firstly crocheting 10 swirl pattern Granny Squares and then joining them in the way as shown in the pic. Then I attached the handles which I made by combining the same yarn colors I used for the granny squares and crocheted them into a sturdy cord and stitched them onto the tops both the sides of the bag using a tapestry needle. I also added lining to the bag from the inside. I have also attached below the videos I used for reference. It is a very good project to make for beginners and can be used for yourself or as a gift to friends or family!

– Tanvi Jog


This is an acrylic painting I made by referring to Easy Painting Vered on YouTube though I have modified the background as per my choice. Easy Painting Vered is a really great YouTube channel for painting tutorials for beginners. This is a really nice painting that allows you to, kind of, play with the colors a bit and enjoy your painting!



This is a doll I have crocheted for my little cousin sister. I got the pattern from a video on YouTube, but I modified it a little bit as per my requirement. It isn’t so much of a quick project but it is definitely easy if you know the basics. Overall, it is a fun gift you can make for your younger siblings or kids or anyone for that matter!!!


For making this doll, I request you to watch the videos below;


These are a set of 6 tea coasters that I have crocheted as a gift. The only skills you need to know to make these are how-to-crochet-the-granny-square and how-to-crochet-treble stich (UK terms)/ double crochet (US terms). I learnt most the basic crochet techniques from a YouTube channel- Bella Coco. These tea-coasters make a quick, useful, easy and beautiful gift for anyone especially women over 20 years old.


For further guidance on how to UK treble crochet/US double crochet :

For further guidance on how to crochet the Granny Square :


This is a sweater-vest I have crocheted out of BlueStar Oswal Acrylic Cashmilon Yarn (I used brown colour since I was making it for my Grandma). I am a total beginner and this is the first time I attempted to go for such a big project. I mostly made the whole sweater-vest with the help of a YouTube tutorial on a channel called Sirin’s Crochet (video attached below). I would also recommend beginner like me to visit the channel for more such projects. Lastly, this project took a lot of time, patience and yarn but it was worth it!!!



Dark clouds forming in the sky,
Warn of a storm ahead,
In their cozy nests are the birds that fly,
For the harsh winds of the storm they dread,

The thunder, like a lion roars,
Raging winds bang on the doors,
And cracks and shatters the windows,
And all the leaves of the trees it winnows,

Fury is unleashed,
Expressing rage, sadness, and pain,
Hurt tried to be hidden,
And yet falls a single drop of rain,

That rolls down, down the cheek,
Thinking of the memories that have now turned to rust,
And away turn the stormy eyes of the face,
The face of the one with a now broken trust.



This is a beautiful wall hanging made with simple materials ; craft paper, glue/ glue gun, newspaper and acrylic paint (preferably Pidilite).

  1. I took some sheets of old newspaper and I used the technique of papier-mâché to make the bird. Papier-mâché is shredding paper and using water to make it into a pulp and then mixing it with glue and kneading it gives a sort of clayish material which you can mold into a bird or any other thing you want.
  2. Keep the bird aside for drying and start working on the nest. I made sticks out of the remaining sheets of old newspaper and wove them into a nest-like structure and painted it with black acrylic paint. Leave it to dry.
  3. Meanwhile, I made colorful roses and leaves from craft paper, glue and scissors and painted the bird using acrylic paints.
  4. Once the paint had dried, I stuck the bird onto the nest in a way that it seemed like it was looking out of the nest. Lastly I decorated the nest by sticking the roses and leaves onto it.

This is a easy but beautiful looking craft that looks great as a wall hanging!!!


For further help, check the videos below;


This is a cute little doll I have crocheted recently with help from YouTube. I made it as a gift for my best friend Aagna since it was her birthday yesterday.

First I made the doll using yellow colored wool, Then I crocheted the clothes, but I didn’t want to make a typical frock for it so I watched a few videos and then made a top and a pair of shorts. Lastly I attached the hair and the keychain ring.

Overall, it was a lengthy but fun project for me as a beginner!!! You can make this doll with the help of these videos ;



Firstly, wishing everyone a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi! As you might know, each year the arrival of Lord Ganesh (Ganapati Bappa) along with Goddess Parvati (Lord Ganesha’s mother) from the Kailash mountains is celebrated across India with pomp and splendour. As every year, this year too we have celebrated this joyous festival. My family and our family friends have made a beautiful decoration for Lord Ganesh!

Each year we would select a theme and make the decorations accordingly. This year our theme was of our country India’s 75th Independence Day. Our main idea was to make a replica of the India Gate. My Father, Vishal Kaka (our family friend; kaka translates to uncle) and Arjun Dada (Vishal uncle’s son; dada translates to older brother) made the structure using foam boards, Fevicol and nails wherever required. Once the structure was completed, I did the job of painting it and making the brick feel on the India Gate as well as painting the Ashoka pillar.

Then we set set the whole structure on a rectangular cardboard piece covered with plastic grass and did the lighting around it. We stuck a poster of the 75th Independence Day on wall as background. Finally we placed Lord Ganesha’s murty (idol) in the center of the arc. Our decoration was now complete!!!



Silent as the time passing by,
Motionless they stand,
Built long, long ago,
Are now a prominent mark on the land.

No one knows the secrets they may hold,
Keys to the mysterious stories untold,
Listening and observing, they are just there,
With emotionless eyes day and night they stare,

They have always been linking together,
The present generation to the past,
Take a look at the stony face,
Wonder how it must feel to forever last.



This is a beautiful DIY Wall Hanging made from materials-easily-available -at-home such as: old newspaper, a piece of cardboard/foamboard, acrylic paints, glue (Fevicol), craft paper (blue, red, pink, white, green, blue, yellow), a pair of scissors and a glue gun.

  1. Make sticks out of the old newspaper and paint them black. Cut the edges to equal length.
  2. Cut the piece of cardboard into a square of the same dimensions as that of the sticks and paint it black. Then, glue the paper sticks onto the square piece of cardboard in a way that it looks like a grid.
  3. Take the remaining newspaper sticks and cut them to a shorter height than that of the sticks used in the grid. Take a rectangular piece of the craft paper and and paste the sticks onto the it in a vertical position. Paint it black too.
  4. Using your glue gun, join one end of the rectangular craft paper to the other and press it into a oval shape. Cut an oval piece of craft paper and stick it to the bottom of the oval pipe like structure to make vase.
  5. Take the vase and stick it onto the grid using your glue gun. Now, take the colourful craft paper and make beautiful flowers out of it. Lastly, stick the flowers onto the vase and add any finishing touches. Done!!!
  6. For further help on making paper flowers, you can watch these videos :

For many more wall hangings of this type, kindly check the posts earlier and be sure to follow the blog!!!



These are a pair of mittens knitted on straight needles and seamed on one side. The only material needed for these mittens is yarn (Blue Star Acrylic Cashmilon Yarn recommended), straight knitting needles/ smoothened BBQ sticks, tapestry/darning needle, place markers, stitch holder and scissors.

The steps for the following are mentioned in the description below the video.

I made these with major help from a YouTube tutorial:

These are easy to make if you have some experience knitting or even for beginners!!!



This is a cute rabbit that I have hand- knitted using Oswal Blue Star Acrylic Cashmilon Yarn, knitting needles/ I used BBQ sticks converted into knitting needles ( by adding smoothening them and adding a bid bead at the back end so that your stitches don’t come slip out), tapestry needle and a pair of scissors. I also took help from a YouTube channel and website : Studio Knit – . You can visit this website for any help with knitting and also learn knitting for beginners.

  1. I made the rabbit using the instructions given on the website-
  2. I made it’s feet by casting on 10 stitches and knitting them in a Garter stitch, along with basic decreases such as K2Tog and SSK ( Knit 2 stitches together and Slip Slip Knit techniques).
  3. I made its sweater using the instructions from the same website – ( Instead of using it as a coffee cozy I used it as a sweater for my bunny)
  4. Then, I made a miniature scarf for it by casting on 8 stitches and knitting them in a stockinette stitch( for instructions on how to do the stockinette stitch – till I got the desired length.
  5. Then I knit the bow and stitched it onto it’s head using my tapestry needle. For instructions on how to knit the bow –
  6. Lastly I used my sewing needle and black sewing thread to make it’s eyes, nose and whiskers. For the teeth I used white sewing thread and sewing needle.

It is very easy to make, looks cute and you can gift it friends and family too!!!

-Tanvi R. Jog

Caravec – Cottageon A375

This is kind of a model of a car that I have designed taking inspiration from caravans and other various types of cars found nowadays. Materials used in making this are popsicle sticks, cardboard, a broken toy car/truck (or if you don’t have any way to get a broken toy car/truck you can make wheels using a paper stick/ any other stick and bottle caps AND then you can make the other parts of the cars using cardboard, glue and popsicle sticks), acrylic paint (preferably Pidilite), a cutting blade, transparent plastic sheet (optional- to make windows), Fevicol, some creative ideas and lots of patience!

Unlike I usually do with crafts, this time I’m not going to be giving steps to make this model because in this there is a lot of scope for creativity, you can make the model that you want, you can design it your own way (I will suggest you to first draw the idea in your head on a piece of paper and then start making it). Once you are done making your model, give it a nice colour (I have used metallic colours for my model). After the paint dries off, take a piece of paper and create a name for your car model as well as a company in case you want to make more creative cars and design a logo as well! I combined two words to make the name of the company ; car + avec. Avec= with in French, therefore the name becomes Caravec meaning car with. Then, I named the car Cottageon A375 after it’s design which looks like a cottage on top of pickup car and just added a few numbers and a letter for effect.

After the paint dries, your model is ready!!!



This is a DIY Home Décor Wall Hanging made with simple materials easily available at home- empty cardboard of masking/duct tapes (3), Fevicryl paints/ Glass paints, a wire/ string, Fevicol and cardboard.

  1. Take the empty tape rolls and paint them silver using Fevicryl Paints and leave it to dry. Meanwhile cut out 3 circles from a piece of cardboard (the 3 circles should be of the same perimeter as the perimeter of the empty tape rolls) and make a hole in the center of the cardboard circles.
  2. Paint the circles black. Once dry, take the 3 empty tape rolls and glue the cardboard circles on the top.
  3. Take your glass paints and use the outliner to draw flowers, leaves, etc. and fill in the colours using glass paints or Fevicryl paints (I would suggest using glass paints since they give a better effect). Leave it to dry.
  4. Take a piece of string or wire (black in colour but if you do not have black coloured wire you can paint it) and pass it through the holes made in the carboard circles. Tie knot above and under each segment at equal distance to hold the segment in place (segment= painted empty tape rolls + painted carboard circles). Put a spot of Fevicol if needed. Leave it to dry.
  5. Lastly, add finishing touches. Your craft is ready!

For more such crafts visit the ART page (