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CROCHET BAG: 1. Blue Swirl

This is the first of the bags collection that I have crocheted with some help from YouTube channel ‘Sirin’s Crochet’ which is very helpful for beginners to make complicated projects.

I have made this bag by firstly crocheting 10 swirl pattern Granny Squares and then joining them in the way as shown in the pic. Then I attached the handles which I made by combining the same yarn colors I used for the granny squares and crocheted them into a sturdy cord and stitched them onto the tops both the sides of the bag using a tapestry needle. I also added lining to the bag from the inside. I have also attached below the videos I used for reference. It is a very good project to make for beginners and can be used for yourself or as a gift to friends or family!

– Tanvi Jog

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