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This is a beautiful DIY Wall Hanging made from materials-easily-available -at-home such as: old newspaper, a piece of cardboard/foamboard, acrylic paints, glue (Fevicol), craft paper (blue, red, pink, white, green, blue, yellow), a pair of scissors and a glue gun.

  1. Make sticks out of the old newspaper and paint them black. Cut the edges to equal length.
  2. Cut the piece of cardboard into a square of the same dimensions as that of the sticks and paint it black. Then, glue the paper sticks onto the square piece of cardboard in a way that it looks like a grid.
  3. Take the remaining newspaper sticks and cut them to a shorter height than that of the sticks used in the grid. Take a rectangular piece of the craft paper and and paste the sticks onto the it in a vertical position. Paint it black too.
  4. Using your glue gun, join one end of the rectangular craft paper to the other and press it into a oval shape. Cut an oval piece of craft paper and stick it to the bottom of the oval pipe like structure to make vase.
  5. Take the vase and stick it onto the grid using your glue gun. Now, take the colourful craft paper and make beautiful flowers out of it. Lastly, stick the flowers onto the vase and add any finishing touches. Done!!!
  6. For further help on making paper flowers, you can watch these videos :

For many more wall hangings of this type, kindly check the posts earlier and be sure to follow the blog!!!



  1. Wow! Such a creative idea. Lately I have been making a lot of home decor items myself like photo frames made out of quilling papers and handmade papers, wall hangings and pen stands out of plastic bottles,etc. Recycling used items for decorative pieces can really enhance the beauty of the room.
    Would love to know of more such D.I.Y ideas. Do check out our articles too!


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