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Caravec – Cottageon A375

This is kind of a model of a car that I have designed taking inspiration from caravans and other various types of cars found nowadays. Materials used in making this are popsicle sticks, cardboard, a broken toy car/truck (or if you don’t have any way to get a broken toy car/truck you can make wheels using a paper stick/ any other stick and bottle caps AND then you can make the other parts of the cars using cardboard, glue and popsicle sticks), acrylic paint (preferably Pidilite), a cutting blade, transparent plastic sheet (optional- to make windows), Fevicol, some creative ideas and lots of patience!

Unlike I usually do with crafts, this time I’m not going to be giving steps to make this model because in this there is a lot of scope for creativity, you can make the model that you want, you can design it your own way (I will suggest you to first draw the idea in your head on a piece of paper and then start making it). Once you are done making your model, give it a nice colour (I have used metallic colours for my model). After the paint dries off, take a piece of paper and create a name for your car model as well as a company in case you want to make more creative cars and design a logo as well! I combined two words to make the name of the company ; car + avec. Avec= with in French, therefore the name becomes Caravec meaning car with. Then, I named the car Cottageon A375 after it’s design which looks like a cottage on top of pickup car and just added a few numbers and a letter for effect.

After the paint dries, your model is ready!!!


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