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This is a cute rabbit that I have hand- knitted using Oswal Blue Star Acrylic Cashmilon Yarn, knitting needles/ I used BBQ sticks converted into knitting needles ( by adding smoothening them and adding a bid bead at the back end so that your stitches don’t come slip out), tapestry needle and a pair of scissors. I also took help from a YouTube channel and website : Studio Knit – . You can visit this website for any help with knitting and also learn knitting for beginners.

  1. I made the rabbit using the instructions given on the website-
  2. I made it’s feet by casting on 10 stitches and knitting them in a Garter stitch, along with basic decreases such as K2Tog and SSK ( Knit 2 stitches together and Slip Slip Knit techniques).
  3. I made its sweater using the instructions from the same website – ( Instead of using it as a coffee cozy I used it as a sweater for my bunny)
  4. Then, I made a miniature scarf for it by casting on 8 stitches and knitting them in a stockinette stitch( for instructions on how to do the stockinette stitch – till I got the desired length.
  5. Then I knit the bow and stitched it onto it’s head using my tapestry needle. For instructions on how to knit the bow –
  6. Lastly I used my sewing needle and black sewing thread to make it’s eyes, nose and whiskers. For the teeth I used white sewing thread and sewing needle.

It is very easy to make, looks cute and you can gift it friends and family too!!!

-Tanvi R. Jog


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