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This is an acrylic painting I made by referring to Easy Painting Vered on YouTube though I have modified the background as per my choice. Easy Painting Vered is a really great YouTube channel for painting tutorials for beginners. This is a really nice painting that allows you to, kind of, play with the colorsContinue reading “PRETTY LADY ACRYLIC PAINTING”


This is a painting done using Fevicryl Paints, and craft paper. The main idea behind doing such a painting was to see the combination of beautiful hibiscus flowers done on a paper with a nice texture. The small square texture was made by weaving rows of hard black-coloured craft paper on which I painted theContinue reading “FLOWERS, LEAVES AND TEXTURE”


This is a paining made with acrylic paints on a recycled cardboard material to show a little bit of contribution from my side towards the environment. The steps to make this sort of cardboard are given below: 1) Take any old notebook- it should be completely filled. Tear it into medium sized pieces by tearingContinue reading “MADHUBANI LOTUS ON RECYCLED-PAPER”


This is the beautiful designs of mandala drawn into a butterfly’s wing. The idea was taken from Facebook and I found it quite interesting, so I modified it in my way and here is the drawing! The best part of this design is the way the mandala designs correspond with the butterfly to make itContinue reading “BUTTERFLY & MANDALA”