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Hi everyone! This is a new crochet project that I have made and this time I have made it with writing my own pattern for the first time since I have started crocheting. I wanted to make a stylish boat-necked top that goes well on a pair of jeans so I searched online for few examples on Google but for once I didn’t find a pattern that I quite liked or wanted to make. So I combined my ideas into a pattern I wrote for this project;

I used Oswal Enjoy Knitting Yarn Multi Wool 200 gm Shade no-14, darning/tapestry needle , stitch markers, tape measure, a pair of scissors and a 4.5 mm crochet hook to make this project. The pattern is as follows:

Step 1. (eg)
Step 2. continue the 3 row pattern repeat till the length of your blouse is as per the blue line marked in the image.
Step 3. Placement of stitch markers.
Step 4. Measurement from arm pit to shoulder.
  1. Chain stitches according to your bust size in multiples of two and pull through the loop to use a slip stitch to connect the very first chain.
  2. Then follow this pattern repeat till the length of the top is according to your choice and matches your waist to under arms measurement:
    • Row 1 – Chain 3 ,Double crochet (US terms)/ Treble crochet (UK terms) into every stitch, slip stitch into the top of the 3rd chain to join.
    • Row 2- Repeat Row 1
    • Row 3- Chain 4, skip 1 stitch, Double crochet (US terms)/ Treble crochet (UK terms) into the next stitch (continue this till the end of the row), slip stitch into the top of the 3rd chain to join.
  3. Use stitch markers to divide your stitches for the front and back side of your top. For example, if you have 132 stitches in total, then count 66 stitches and put a stitch marker in the 66th stitch.
  4. Chain 3 in the stitch after the stitch marker. Start the row according to the 3- row repeat and make it up to the stitch before your next stitch marker. (For example make the repeat pattern from the 1st stitch up to the 65th stitch that is before the stitch marker.) Now, chain according to the repeat pattern, turn the side and continue the 3-row repeat. What we are basically doing here is separating the back and front side. Make as many rows as per your arm pit to shoulder measurement.
  5. Repeat step 4 for the back side as well.
  6. Now turn your work inside out, take your tapestry/darning needle and start seam the top of your work on both sides but remember to leave enough space in the middle for your head to fit in. You can also use slip stitches to join the top edges of your work.
  7. Turn your work the correct side and join using slip stitch into any place on the arm hole. Chain 4, make double-trebles all the way till the end of the row and join using slip stitch on the top of the 4th chain. Chain 1 and make double crochet (US terms)/ treble crochet (UK terms) into every stitch and join into the chain 1 with a slip stitch and snip off your yarn. Repeat this for the other arm hole as well.

The blouse is ready!

-Tanvi Jog


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