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These are two empty shampoo bottles which have been given a makeover as a best out of waste items. Materials required are – acrylic paints (Pidilite), glue, craft paper/ pieces of cloth, old plastic jar lids and decorative material (optional).

  1. Take the caps off the empty shampoo bottle(s) and cut the bottle(s) in such a way that the hollow part is levelled at the bottom.
  2. Take the craft paper/ piece of cloth and wrap it around the bottle(s) seeing that it covers about half of the bottle(s). At the front side make a collar shape so that it looks like a coat and stick the ‘coat(s)’ neatly around the bottle(s). In case of the man shown above, a tie is included which has to be made and stuck before making the coat.
  3. Paint the remaining half of the bottle(s) using acrylic paint – peach/ peach mixed with a bit of brown to make proper skin color. Let the color dry up completely. Paint the face(s) on the bottle(s) using black, white and red (notice the slight pink painted on the cheeks, as eye shadow and on the lips, in the case of the female character.)
  4. Take black, brown or whichever other color you wish to paint the hair with and paint it on the top of the bottle(s) ( again, in case of the female character paint the hair all along the back of the bottle and in the front. For the male character, paint the hair in a neat decrease at the backside of the bottle.)
  5. Lastly, make the hats using the old plastic jar lids and decorative material (optional). Take the jar lid(s) and attach a ring of craft paper / cover it with a piece of cloth and stick it properly using glue. Give a coat of paint to make it look like a actual hat. Use the decorative material to decorate the hat(s).

The best part of this craft is that it looks quite funny, good and can be used as puppets or even as home decor.



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