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Once upon a time,
Arrived a huge earthquake,
Which made me and my house,
Bounce about and shake,

It lasted for an hour,
Then it lost its power,
But that was quite enough,
For my house to flip over,

When I entered my house,
The sight made my jaw drop,
For the ceiling, fans and lights were on the floor,
While the tiled floor was on the top,

Stupefied at the scene,
My room I rushed to see,
Like a chandelier, hung my bed from the ceiling,
And my cupboard was far from where it used to be,

All the rooms I hurried through,
But it felt as though they were new,
Blankly, I had a seat on the ceiling,
Wondering if I was dreaming,

Suddenly everything started to shake,
And someone violently shook me awake,
Opened my eyes, I saw my mother and she said,
“You fell asleep reading about an earthquake!”



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