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This is a really simple craft that’s been made with materials easily available at home – old newspaper, acrylic paints, scale/a pair of scissors and glue.

  1. Take sheets of old newspaper and make sticks out of them of the same thickness and same length. Take another sheet of newspaper, cut it into a rectangular shape and paste all the sticks onto it.
  2. While the glue is still wet, put the paper (on which you stuck the sticks) around a bottle or any cylindrical object so that when it dries, it will obtain that shape. Leave it to dry.
  3. Meanwhile, start flattening the remaining sticks and stick them together in such a way that it should look like a oval shaped disk. Make two of these.
  4. Make the rose-shaped knobs and lock using paper and toothpicks. Paint them accordingly. Leave them to dry.
  5. Once the chest has dried stick the paper disks at the two open ends of the chest and paint it with dark brown acrylic paint. Leave it to dry.

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