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Does a black cat crossing your path,
Bring you misfortune, really?
Or is it not just a false belief,
Indicating that we are being quite silly,

And what do you think about split salt,
Of bad luck is it the delivery man?
YOU, can’t change your destiny or fate,
But, granules of salt can?

Haven’t you ever heard the proverb,
‘What you sow, shall you reap,’
And yet in such silly superstitions,
Do you think your belief you should keep?

Your bad luck and your misfortune,
Only depend upon you what you do,
Cause harm to others and no matter what,
Karma will never fail to get you,

Think before you act,
And I’ll tell you a fact,
If you harm none and be considerate,
No silly superstition will ever alter your fate!



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